Sealing profiles for modern tunnelling methods

For decades, Dätwyler has been delivering a broad range of sealing profiles
for all the tunnelling methods in the industry today.
During this time, Dätwyler engineers were able to develop reliable sealling
system for the various areas such as pipe-jacking, shield driven tunnels,
“Cut and Cover“ , tunnel boring machines and for tunnel refurbishment.

Seals for Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM)

Dätwyler offers a variety of cross- sections for the actual TBM, as well as for sealing
the schafts at the critical momenst of the entry or at the exit of TBM .

Profiles for TBMœ are in use worldwide. Whether used for pipe-jacking or shield
driven tunnels – our seals provide the required safety

Segment Gaskets

Since 1968 Dätwyler has been developing compression sealing gaskets for tunnel lining made of concrete and steel segments.
These were first usedn in 1969 on the New Elbe Tunnel in Hamburg and are now
available in more than 50 different cross-sections to cover the entire range of today´s various kinds of projects
Metro Tunnels, river crossing tunnels, road and railway tunnels, cable tunnels,
Waste waater and water suppply tunnels all around the world can be found on a long list of more than 180 successful reference projets


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