Entrance Matting Systems

We are producing in GermanyŽ
Why Entrance Matting Systems ?
An efficient entrance matting system is removing dirt, moisture and grit introduced
on visitors feet, before it can be carried inside the building.


TOP CLEAN TREND is a standard mat recommended
for entrance areas in commercial and residential use
where excellent absroption of moisture and removal
of dirt is a prime importance.
TOP CLEAN TREND with ribbed carpet is used for fully
covered entrance areas.
TOP CLEAN TREND with grooved rubber and with cassette brush
or brush strip is recommended for external areas.


Height 27 mm, 22 mm, 17 mm, 12 mm
Profile spacing 4 mm, 8 mm
Clean elements Ribbed Carpet, Rubber Profile, Brush
Dimension according to orders



Ultraflat mat - only 10 mm high. Decorative appearance,
easy cleaning . Suitable for interior and roofed exterior.
Aluminium beveled profile around the mat assures the safety walking


Technical Data
Height 10 mm
Dimension 65 X 47 cm
Execution, colour rips, anthracit
Weight cca 2,2 kg
Fireresistance CfI-S1 (DIN EN 13501-1)


TOP CLEAN BASIC is a lighter execution of Top clean Trend .
TOP CLEAN BASIC with Ribbed Carpet or Brush is used in inside areas.
TOP CLEAN BASIC with Rubber profile or Brush is recommended
for outside areas.


Height 12 mm , 17 mm and 22 mm
Profile spacing 4 mm or 8 mm
Execution ribbed carpet, rubber profile, brush
Dimension according to order



TOP CLEAN STABIL for extra high traffic
The type is a reinforced type of Top Clean Trend
It´s determinated for airports halls, Supermarkets
and business centrum


Height 22 mm, 17 mm
Proofilspace 4 mm
Execution ribbed carpet, rubber profile, brush
Dimenson according to order


TOP CLEAN OBJEKT - Mats for heavy duty
for airports, railway stations, business centrum.
Top clean objekt is produced with ribbed carpet only


Height 22 mm, 27 mm, 42 mm
Profile spacing 5 mm
Execution Ribbed carpet antracite and grey
Dimension according to order


Frames are produced from 3 mm gouge profile
in Aluminium, Brass or Stainless Steel.
All frames are supplied precision drilled occurately
mitred corners and specialy designed corner pieces
to maintain an accurate and square assembly


Height of mats Frame Height / Width / Thickness
Height 12 mm Frame 15 / 20 / 3 mm
Height 17 mm Frame 20 / 20 / 3 mm
Height 22 mm Frame 25 /25 / 3 mm
Height 27 mm Frame 30 /30 /3 mm
Height 42 mm Frame 45 / 30/ 3 mm

Cleaning elements - Samples

Cleaning elements :
ribbed carpet, grooved rubber profile, brush casette,
alu scraper bar, brush Strip


Colour - rips Ligth grey, Anthracite, Mattled beige,
Mattled green, Mattled blue , blue


Matting Rauhaarrips are produced in every given dimension or in rolls
UV resistant polypropylene ribbed carpet. Base of mat is of solid rubber
for antis slip and if necessary to glue it on te ground


Thickness 10 mm, 17 mm, 22
Width 1000, 2000 mm
Length of rolls 12 m - 24,2 m
Colours light-grey, mattled-beige, anthracite
Dimension according to order